Sunday, 25 July 2010

Todays FFF Comp 25/07/2010

there was a realy good turn out of both competition flyers and sport flyers at the Gate site, in a good 15 - 20 mph North westerly

1st Mark Ollier (Sting)
2nd Scot Ravenscroft (Wizard F3F)
3rd Ian Webb (Mini Dragon)
4th Julian Bailey (Pace)
5th John Day (Storm)
6th Simon Cocker
7th Ivan (Foamies)
8th Ron (Foamie)
9th Keith (Foamie)

Fastest time of the Day - Mark Ollier (Sting) 44.17

Thanks to all who helped on the flags or time keeping or just plain old barracking, a good day had by all.

Photo's will be put up when they have arrive DOH I forgot my camera.


  1. Mr. 'O' 1st place? I think it's a fix!

  2. Nigel if you had stayed you would have seen a master at work check out the spread sheet on the comps page,


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