Sunday, 18 July 2010

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Noticed Nigel is obviously an r2 fan with a picture of his Speedo Pro. Me too. I've attached pictures of my current fleet of r2 stuff, 1.8m Passer, 1.6m Bulero and 1.2m Speedo Pro. Also a Mk 1 Speedo and r2's 1.5m Fox.

To me these all represent great value and, for the money, good flying. They're not, in stock form, speed machines and they'll all benefit from a bit of judicious strengthening. All of them, though, can deal with a wide wind speed range, especially with the help of a bit of church roof, and the Speedo is very definitely in the "keep it in the back of the vehicle and chuck off (almost) anywhere" category.

Sadly in recent years the price has jumped dramatically but it's still worth keeping an eye on their e-bay site "revolutionshop". I just got the Bulero landed on my doorstep for a total cost including shipping of about £48. It may have been a mistake on their part to only charge me this much. I notice that since then they've increased the shipping alone to £55 - no chance there!


  1. Good artical keep them coming, just beemn ;ooking and yes they have hiked the postage price up

  2. The Speedo really is an excellent little sloper for the money, however it is a bit of a tight squeeze to get all the hardware installed neatly. Best place for the Rx is under the wing seat and an Enerloop AAA 800mAh pack is ideal for the nose area, but be aware that the fuselage may need a bit of fettling to get it in.
    If the CG is placed a few mm's back from the recommended point the plane will do a lovely flat spin following entry from a blender. And without rudder too!


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