Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Check those Battery Wires

I nearly had a major distaster flying my Mini Dragon off the Orme the other week. After flying at the usual break neck speed around the cliff top I took her up to dotsville whilst I had a chat with one of the locals. All of a sudden I had NO control. All I could do was watch it steadily spiral down picking up speed as she came down. It came banking in at high speed over the landing zone and I knew it was going to end badly. At about 2 metres high it suddenly shook itself and I regained control. This was followed by a rapid landing and it was packed up in the car whilst I had a cup of tea to calm down.
The subsequent investigation revealed the battery black wire had turned to dust and it fell apart in my fingers. I have read about this problem but I always wondered how I could check for this. I now know that it would have been obvious if I had visually inspected it or gently pulled it.
I recommend that if your model has been tucked away for a while give those black wires a quick inspection.
I did do the lottery that night but I think I had used up all my luck !


  1. You know what Dave I am impressed you managed to put more than 2 words together.

    I can confirm this ahppened because it flew past me left ear totaly out of control but was landed by the skilled mr gains

  2. Dave, If you suffered from "Black Wire" and didn't notice it until you had the problem,it proves to me that you didn't read my article in the newsletter. Oh Dave! What are we going to do with you? I know I'll send you no more newsletters.


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